Saturday, August 06, 2011

Synesia PB7: audio dropout in Cubase fixed

- Complete silence after preset change in Cubase -> fixed! (Thanks genieg for the help!)

- New presets added (using overdrive modes (synesthesia menu -> advanced options)).
- Existing presets changed to "Improved" overdrive mode (this results in a little bit more even distribution of overtones). You can change back to "Legacy" mode if you like, but "Improved" is better, trust me on this

Make sure you try out the softclipper input protection, sometimes it can produce a very nice fuzz when driven hard (and oversampled).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Synesthesia Experimental Build PB5 03

This is a new, experimental build of Synesthesia. The file name is different for now so you can test it without disturbing ongoing projects.

Download Link, Synesthesia PB5 03

If you click on the Synesthesia logo and then go into "advanced options" you will see a new list box called "Overdrive" where you can change how aggressively synesthesia generates overtones. This is different than the "drive" parameter and modifies the core behavior of the plugin regarding how many harmonics are generated. Synesthesia employs a strategy that suppresses certain harmonics in order to minimize unwanted artifacts (aliasing). Lately I have realized that this strategy is a bit on the conservative side, so now you can change it if you want.

- Legacy mode will bring you the same sound as previous versions and is a default on all presets (except the linear one)

- Improved is the new recommended default: this mode generates more harmonics without any perceivable aliasing. (Barely measurable on a 120 dB scale). Now this build is experimental for a reason: please check this mode, and indicate if you would be unhappy with the sound of the plugin if the default mode of operation would be changed to this on all presets. Personally I think there is a slight to moderate improvement compared to the legacy mode, but I am really interested about your opinion as well.

- Soft, Hard and Brutal modes are there for you to experiment with, they are not "foolproof" settings for every program with every configuration, but "if it sounds right..."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light Showers (Electrified)

ioflow piano improvisations -> weldroidized -> exported to loops -> ioflow liveact using monome/rove

ioflow + weldroid: light showers (electrified) from ioflow on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Slowly, I'm adding all my releases to youTube to get better "visibility" than what bandcamp or soundcloud offers. For now I am uploading 606 Reasons to Live, but sooner or later all of my tracks will be available (with some nice visuals and in 1080p HD format of course ).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

606 Relasons to Live released @ tonAtom!

Weldroid's latest album, 606 Reasons to Live, sees the veteran bitcrusher moving into new sonic territory, while staying true to his unique electro-soundscape storytelling.

Weldroid blends dark, swirling, solemn choirs with airy glass flutes and trilling 8-bit arpeggios, with a touch of in-your-face circuit-bent sawtoothed growl. But in the midst of the harsher static-charged fuzz, serene tones arise: gorgeous, shimmering chords drifting through and wrapping around the lo-fi bubbles and retro blips'n'bloops.

The glitchfactory grooves of "Lady Battery" and "Nitrogen Fairy" are particularly lovely, fading into ambient chords layered over stuttered percussion and snatches of echo-delayed female voice.

606 Reasons to Live is a compelling, hopeful narrative; a pixellated glimpse of wondrous hidden beauty. An ethereal silhouette dancing in mist-shrouded woods; flickering plasma glows trace sensuous curves, revealing the interplay of circuitry and mystique.
(Nightmorph / Joshua Saddler)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Synesthesia PB4 released!

Update 02: Dukane A preset fixed!
Download Synesthesia PB4

What's new:

- Advanced options: configurable pre and post processing limiters (the former to protect Synesthesia from overload, the latter to keep output levels under control). Two algorithms are supported: a soft clipper for darker / more analogue-is sound and a brickwall limiter for transparency.

- Drive slider now controls both static and dynamic waveshaping (depending on the state of the DYN GRAPH switch)
- Red bracket around DRIVE slider indicates input overload (just decrease the drive until it goes away and you're set).

- Some bugfixes (don't ask, I don't remember any more :), but some little things has been spotted/corrected)

- Altec 1612b preamp presets
- Dukane Medallion 5 channel presets

Special thanks to Langston Masingale for the measurement data.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Experimental update for Synesthesia

Synesthesia PB3-10 download link

New stuff:
- Compensated trim control
- Optional limiter with visual feedback
- BAE 1074 presets
- Yamaha PM700 presets

- high input levels generating audio mayhem

So, thanks to Langston Masingale some new presets has been added (and some others will follow soon). The ones with the "-EQ" suffix also emulate the frequency characteristics (a kind of "rough" estimation). The "-A" version is the one closest to the measurements, and I have also added some variations as well (-B, -C, etc...).

Also I have realized that high input levels (sub-bass and the like) can result is some serious distortions (not the nice kind ). So now all presets include a limiter that keeps nasty stuff from happening. If you drive the limiter too hard you will get an indication (bright red bracket around the "Drive" slider).

Also, the "Drive" slider has a second function now, if DYN GRAPH is off, it applies an input trim (+/) dB that is compensated at the output. Practically this can be used to control the amount of saturation. When DYN GRAPH is enabled, the slider controls the amount of dynamic saturation (just like in previous versions).

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey folks, this will be (actually, already is) the place to download all your favorite Weldroid releases in 24 bit FLAC format... or actually in any kind of format you wish. Of course all the releases are still and will be available from the respective netlabels, this is more like a collection from where you can download the original uncompressed material (you can even pay for it if you think it makes sense).

All income from the music releases will be spent on equipment and alcoholic beverages, I can promise that. :)

Weldroid Bandcamp WHQ

(Income from VST licences are of course to help the development of future plugins, that is: equipment and alcoholic beverages :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Synesthesia VST - pay what you like

With all of the bugs eradicated (or - to be more precise - no bugs has been found during some months of testing) it is time to lift the revision of Synesthesia VST to `A`. Actually PA1 is fine too - for the same reason ;-).

Synesthesia is available at the very price you think it is worth, just head to my Bandcamp page and get Synesthesia VST and I will be happy to send you your personalized license key file to the e-mail address you specify at purchase.

Please note that there is a minimum price set to EUR 5 to cover processing/overhead costs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Righteous Overkill

Stranglehold and Attitude Indicator are now both available at my bandcamp site in up to 24 bit FLAC (lossless) format.

No minimum price specified, grab it for free if you like, or pay what you can if you want to support the just cause of ruthless bitcrushing and saving of innocent melodies :)

Also, if you represent a netlabel and would be interested in releasing a 4-6 track EP somewhere during Q2-Q3 2011 let me know!