Friday, January 30, 2009

ALien Air Music

Alien Air Music, an electronic music program on KXLU 88.9FM (broadcasting all around Los Angeles and the Internet of course :) was featuring "Black Glass", the second track from the Mild Case promo on the 18th of January.

Big kudos for Pat Murphy, the host of Alien Air Music for the opportunity and for that two hours of superb electronica every week!

(You can listen to the archives here, just scroll down to see the latest stuff. You can also download Jan 18th's program from:

Another version of the Mild Case cover

At some point I have given up on this red/green colour scheme, but I have felt it would look nice here :) And who doesn't like nixie-tubes after all?

Modelling: 3D Max, Renderer: Indigo 1.1.14

37.4 - Mild Case

The new EP is almost ready (well, it IS ready, I just like to play around with some extra tools, pretending that it still needs some final touches here and there, just to revert back to the original on the next morning :-). The title is Mild Case - 37.4 and it kinda indicates this time I have not fallen completely to the dark powers (bitcrushers, distortion, etc...)

Release date is still undecided, so stay tuned!
(The picture above is just one of those concept arts I have came up while putting together the cover.)


First things first.

Although this is not somethig I would call "fresh news": Stranglehold has been released by Kahvi Collective. And how else could I celebrate its last days on Kahvi's frontpage than having a post about it? :)

Download and enjoy! (And make sure you check out other great Kahvi releases!)

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Welcome to the new WHQ! Basically, I had enough of that awful visual clutter that myspace provides (not to mention the lousy music player). In the future, this will be the place for any Weldroid related news (including but not limited to: releases, remixes, audio effects, 3d artwork, etc...). Of course the old myspace page is still there to fulfill all your networking needs, just have a look under "Network!" on the right side. You can also use facebook if you feel that's more appropriate :)

Wishing you all the best for 2009,