Saturday, April 23, 2011

Synesthesia PB4 released!

Update 02: Dukane A preset fixed!
Download Synesthesia PB4

What's new:

- Advanced options: configurable pre and post processing limiters (the former to protect Synesthesia from overload, the latter to keep output levels under control). Two algorithms are supported: a soft clipper for darker / more analogue-is sound and a brickwall limiter for transparency.

- Drive slider now controls both static and dynamic waveshaping (depending on the state of the DYN GRAPH switch)
- Red bracket around DRIVE slider indicates input overload (just decrease the drive until it goes away and you're set).

- Some bugfixes (don't ask, I don't remember any more :), but some little things has been spotted/corrected)

- Altec 1612b preamp presets
- Dukane Medallion 5 channel presets

Special thanks to Langston Masingale for the measurement data.

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