Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Synesthesia VST - pay what you like

With all of the bugs eradicated (or - to be more precise - no bugs has been found during some months of testing) it is time to lift the revision of Synesthesia VST to `A`. Actually PA1 is fine too - for the same reason ;-).

Synesthesia is available at the very price you think it is worth, just head to my Bandcamp page and get Synesthesia VST and I will be happy to send you your personalized license key file to the e-mail address you specify at purchase.

Please note that there is a minimum price set to EUR 5 to cover processing/overhead costs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Righteous Overkill

Stranglehold and Attitude Indicator are now both available at my bandcamp site in up to 24 bit FLAC (lossless) format.

No minimum price specified, grab it for free if you like, or pay what you can if you want to support the just cause of ruthless bitcrushing and saving of innocent melodies :)

Also, if you represent a netlabel and would be interested in releasing a 4-6 track EP somewhere during Q2-Q3 2011 let me know!