Thursday, July 28, 2011

Synesthesia Experimental Build PB5 03

This is a new, experimental build of Synesthesia. The file name is different for now so you can test it without disturbing ongoing projects.

Download Link, Synesthesia PB5 03

If you click on the Synesthesia logo and then go into "advanced options" you will see a new list box called "Overdrive" where you can change how aggressively synesthesia generates overtones. This is different than the "drive" parameter and modifies the core behavior of the plugin regarding how many harmonics are generated. Synesthesia employs a strategy that suppresses certain harmonics in order to minimize unwanted artifacts (aliasing). Lately I have realized that this strategy is a bit on the conservative side, so now you can change it if you want.

- Legacy mode will bring you the same sound as previous versions and is a default on all presets (except the linear one)

- Improved is the new recommended default: this mode generates more harmonics without any perceivable aliasing. (Barely measurable on a 120 dB scale). Now this build is experimental for a reason: please check this mode, and indicate if you would be unhappy with the sound of the plugin if the default mode of operation would be changed to this on all presets. Personally I think there is a slight to moderate improvement compared to the legacy mode, but I am really interested about your opinion as well.

- Soft, Hard and Brutal modes are there for you to experiment with, they are not "foolproof" settings for every program with every configuration, but "if it sounds right..."