Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ambiophonics Processor VST:

Download Link #1
Download Link #2

After some weeks of fine-tuning and testing the plugin is released to the public. It features a highly customizeable crosstalk-cancellation solution based on the RACE algorythm developed by the Ambiophonic Institute.

The plugin can be used to process regular 2-channel stereo material for ambiophonic presentation. This is basically a 2-speaker setup where the speakers themselves are placed close to each other, but still, due to the crosstalk cancellation, the achieved soundstage can be (almost) up-to 180 degrees. (The website is stuffed with information on how to set-up such system, and also the plug-in has a detailed on-line help to assist any ambio-newbie :-)

The plugin can be used in any VST compatible host on the PC (it was tested with Audiomulch 2.0, Ableton Live 8 and Christian Budde's plugin analyzer, let me know if you find any incompatibilities with your host).

Compatibility with Winamp (and any other software capable of loading Winamp DSP plugins, like the great FFDshow codec), and foobar2000 is provided via wrappers:

Winamp VST Bridge
foobar2000 VST wrapper

System Requirements:
- VST 2.3 compliant host (or any of the wrappers listed above)


Bruno said...

Great great great processor !!!
I've been playing with it all this afternoon on different materials, and it was doing its magic on all of it.
My recordings with a Zoom H4n got ten times better as the stereo image finally came to life.
I also tried it on surround channels from my DVD setup to make them wider and got excellent results.
And I now also put it gently on my current mp3 playback.

Great piece of work, well done !

Rodrigo Elesbao said...

Very, very original. A lot of time I'm tryng some positional techniques, and Ambiophonic give an interesting results, as binaural externalization.

Chris said...

I've tried to load this in foobar via Igor Petrov's "VST 2.4 adapter", but I'm getting an error message "Could not load VST DLL. You may have tried to use x64 DLL or there is an internal error in the plug-in." This may be a problem of the wrapper, though.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys recently found this dj pack ,
what do u think is it worth my penny?